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This Is Forever by Natasha Madison-Release Blast


Becoming a teen mom at eighteen was not what I expected, but then again, neither was being a single parent. Still, I wouldn’t change my past because that boy is my world.

Hockey is the only thing my son seems to care about, so I work two jobs to make sure he can play. I’d do anything to make sure he doesn’t suffer because of the bad decisions his father made.

When he won a whole summer of hockey training, I knew in my heart he was going to have an amazing time.

What I wasn’t prepared for was meeting his new summer coach.

He was magnetic, powerful, and a player—in all forms of the word. 

If my life had taught me anything up to this point, it was how to avoid making bad decisions, and Justin Stone was the definition of a bad decision.

I could never be a woman his family approved of. Even if I wished I could be. 


Growing up as the son of a hockey God is one thing. Growing up as the brother of a second hockey God is another. I had big skates to fill, so it was a good thing I loved every second of it.

Summer was my off time, my time to let loose, but when they ask me to coach a hockey camp for underprivileged kids, I couldn’t say no.

But when she walked in holding a little boy’s hand, my heart stopped beating. Or maybe it started for the first time.

They were a package deal, and I knew this—wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted anything. It didn’t take long to realize that no matter what happened,

I would do anything to protect them.

She is the only one I want to be with.

When push comes to shove, I have to prove to everyone that this is my choice, and This is Forever.
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When I saw that Natasha Madison was going to give the world Justin's story I was incredibly excited-for a few reasons. I love this little family of characters she created, so any excuse to go back and visit them was a win, and I was also intrigued as to how she could keep his story fresh and fun. I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed it overall.

I really liked getting to meet Caroline. She's a strong, determined woman-and you have to be to be a member of the Stone family, I swear. She's also compassionate, sweet and stubborn. She's the kind of person you want as your friend. I liked her from the start and was cheering for her the whole story.

Justin made me smile. He had some typical baby boy of the family mannerisms, but truly had a heart of gold. He had me laughing at some of his antics; but he was always well intended. I liked that he wasn't afraid to ask for help when he needed it-and it was funny to me to see/hear his family's advice.

There's absolutely no denying the chemistry that Caroline and Justin have. It's just a matter of what they're going to do with it. I enjoyed watching them get to know each other and learn about each other. I believed in their relationship. Their sexy times were definitely hot, but I liked seeing their relationship as a whole.

I love the supporting cast here. I truly do. There's a lot of them though, so at some points I had to stop and think about how they fit into the story. I will say there was one character that I didn't love-not that we're supposed to love him. But he definitely fell short of where I think the author intended him to go in my opinion.

The writing flowed well here, and the story moved right along. I read this in one sitting and definitely felt like this was a nice send off to this family. Now, I've mentioned family but this is technically a standalone!

Overall I enjoyed this title and would recommend it.

Caroline and Justin were a great couple and I was definitely invested in the parts of the story that revolved around their relationship. I loved how "all in" he was, and how reluctant she was because she had lived a life that kept her from thinking that others could be there for her without wanting more than she was willing to give in return.

I struggled, a little, with some of the addition of the rest of the family. And, while I know this is part of the series, and always has been, it's also starting to seem like quite a large cast of supporting characters. Add in his foundation, his hockey team, and the secondary character who exists because of Caroline's past and there was a lot to keep track of.

There was also a secondary character that I am not sure about. I see why he was there, and I see the reason that he was...but I am not sure I believed him as a character. Now, I have no experience with situations such as his, so I am not really speaking from any personal experience...but, I think what bothered me were his appearances were very convenient and seemed to move the plot more than anything, and it left me feeling like he was a throwaway character who was barely discussed until the story needed a reason to move from one milestone to the other. And, as life can be like this sometimes, it didn't necessarily pull me out of the story...but it is sitting front and center while I put my thoughts together on the book to write this review.

I did enjoy a lot of this title. And, one thing I do think is really clear in this one is that the writing style of the author has developed a lot over the series of titles...not that it was bad before, but it's really grown into a strong narrative style that leaves you able to relate to most of the characters.

I did enjoy this title overall and I do recommend it.

When her nose isn't buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she's in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It's a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn't listen to her...

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