Friday, September 6, 2019

Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words by Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt-Audiobook Review

Cowritten by USA Today best-selling author Tara Sivec and award-winning narrator Andi Arndt, a hysterically funny, heartfelt romance - created specifically for the audio format!


Nothing good ever comes from drinking a box of wine alone. So when I decided to entertain my drunken self by setting up some hand-me-down podcasting equipment and reading the steamy parts from romance novels, I never thought anyone would actually listen. The fact that I admitted my huge crush on my sexy next door neighbor made the whole thing even more mortifying. But sometimes life surprises you, and that’s how my podcast, Heidi’s Discount Erotica, was born.

Now I, Heidi Larsen, a sweet former kindergarten teacher in Waconia, Minnesota, lead a scandalous double life reading erotic novels to the listening world. And with each episode, I find myself embracing my new alter ego more and more. Now I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin and do things I never would have dreamed of - like kissing my neighbor.

Look out, Waconia, because Heidi’s on the loose! She’s in your ears, in your hearts, and down your pants...wait, that didn’t sound as good as it did in my head. Well, you get the picture, don’tcha know!

Tara Sivec is a new to me author and after listening to this audiobook I have to wonder how it took me so long to find her! This book is co-written (and performed) by one of my favorite narrators, Andi Arndt, which is actually how I came across it. I am SO glad I did. This book had me laughing so hard that I cried. It was funny, adorable and I did NOT want it to end.

Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words gives us the story of Heidi, a sweet former kindergarten teacher who has a crush on her hot neighbor. Heidi grew up a bit... sheltered. She doesn't curse and has an entire bookshelf dedicated to Amish romances. Nothing against that genre, but you can see where I'm coming from when I say Heidi is sheltered. Watching her grow into her true self through her podcast was an absolute blast. I don't want to give much of that away, because her podcasts truly made me LOL so hard at times. I mean, it's a podcast called Heidi's Discount Erotica (doot doot doo) and with someone as sheltered as Heidi running it? It's just all kinds of epic.

This story was just hysterical, but the sweet elements of Heidi and Brent's romance balanced the humor perfectly. The supporting characters were simply amazing. Heidi's mom is someone I think we ALL know-whether she's our mom or a friend's mom. She had me laughing every time she was in a scene. Aubrey was a great friend to Heidi, and Brent? Well, I definitely had a crush on Brent. He was an excellent book boyfriend and his grand gesture in this? Amazing-I'm still swooning...and laughing at him as well.

The performance of this book was OUTSTANDING. Andi Arndt is a true comedic genius. Her timing was simply everything and her character nuances just really made this story shine. I can't wait to listen to it again. This is a book I'm so thrilled to have listened to before I read it; I truly think the audio just MAKES this story.

As I mentioned above, Tara Sivec is a new author to me but you can bet I'm checking out her backlist now! Andi Arndt is just incredible, so I'm not surprised to see she nailed her first time writing a book...and her narration of it? Perfection. This book will have you laughing without a doubt. It was funny and sweet and I absolutely LOVED it. I highly recommend this...and am going to listen to it again and again.

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