Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Risky Love by Stacey Kennedy - ARC Review

USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy is back with the thrilling and emotional conclusion of the Dirty Hacker duet about a hacker who doesn’t back down on a case, a sexy CIA agent who is more than a little overprotective, and two slightly reluctant but perfectly matched hearts.

Tracking a killer is the last thing hacker Alex McCoy expected out of her vacation to New York, but after rekindling her one-time romance with sexy CIA Agent Rowan Hawke, she can’t refuse his request for help. Waiting for a break in the case proves to be more challenging than Alex expected, especially because it gives her too much time to think about her growing feelings for Rowan. Feelings she would much rather write off as the intensely hot chemistry between them. 

Rowan knows that Alex has a lot of emotional baggage, but every day as they work together, he becomes more certain she’s the woman for him. Unfortunately, Rowan’s instinct to protect her is put to the test when secrets come to light and Alex throws herself in the line of fire to help Rowan solve the case. As Rowan falls deeper for Alex, he must open up about his past and give her the chance to prove that she’s the right partner—in work and in life.

This is the second book for Alex and Rowan, and I was thrilled to get an ending for their story.  It was perfect, and so very them all the way to the end.

I like books when the character has a profession that exists.  And, they engage in the profession.

If they are a NFL player, I don't want it to be between seasons.  If they are spies I want them to do...spy things.  If they are hackers, I need them to hack into things.  No, I don't know what either of these professions entails, and I am the farthest thing from either, but what matters is that I believed in who the characters were in the story. 

And, well, I enjoyed it.

I am not going to go into the plot at all, as this is the 2nd in a duet and spoilers are mean, awful and terrible things...but, I can say that I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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