Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Demon You Love by L.A. Fiore - ARC Review

Anton Scalene 

I was born in hell, raised in a nightmare. 
I was fifteen when I killed for the first time. 
As a child, my dreams were about climbing out of that hell, of being on top of the pile of bodies and not one of them. 
I live in the shadows, find solace in the darkness. 
Until her. 
A chance meeting, a fleeting moment… 
Her innocence beguiles me. 
I want her, but to have her would destroy the very part of her I crave. 
And even knowing that, I can’t stay away, until my past threatens to drag her into my nightmare. 
Letting her go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but a demon has no business falling in love with an angel. 

When dark romance is done well, you forget that the character is a killer, or a mafia hitman, or a sex worker, because you are so engaged in the story.  This is a special talent of L.A. Fiore.  You like Anton.  A lot.  And, well, while you understand where he is coming from, and his motives, they are not exactly on the "right" side of the law and, well, he is not what you would call a "good" guy.

Or is he? Is he someone who is honest about his moral code; who does what he thinks he should, and who protects the people he sees as important?

Well, Piper sees him as the second, and so does the reader.  You are on his side, and you like him, and you want the relationship between Anton and Piper to work because you like him, and you want her to end up with him, and to get all of her dreams, because you really like the both of them, and you like them as a couple.

Some books are difficult to review without spoilers, and this is definitely one of them.  It's intricate, it's well crafted, it has depth and's complex and you are engaged from page one.  So, while I am not able to tell you what happened in the book, or why I liked it as much as I did (with specifics) I am able to say this is a book you want to read.

I promise.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.

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