Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Boss by Katy Evans - ARC Review

“We play by my rules now.”
—Kit, the new boss 

Who does Kit Walker think he is? The trust-fund heir waltzes in and wants to boss me around, but if I catch him misbehaving, his father will yank his inheritance. Stalemate, right? Not when our chemistry is irresistible! Ironically, we run the top dating app. Could this be my “perfect match”…or the perfect scandal?

—Alexandra, the one in charge

There's something to be said for reading a Harlequin title by an author that you already know you enjoy.  And, it's even more fun when it is as good as you were expecting it to be.  There's a reason Harlequin has been around a while, and there is a reason Katy Evans books are some of my favorites of all...and books like this are the specific examples for each of these.

Kit and Alexandra strike sparks off one another from the beginning.  This is a category romance, so there is some predictability in the way the story unfolds.  But, the fun of this one is the characters and the writing.  Office romance is either one of the best tropes out there, or one that is difficult to make work.  With Katy Evans writing it, this one was hot, it was fun, and it absolutely worked.

I enjoyed this title, and I recommend it.

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