Sunday, November 25, 2018

What About Us by Sidney Halston - ARC Review

Irresistible beats and tantalizing bodies heat up the night at South Beach’s most scandalous new club.

Alex: I hate doing business in clubs. Especially one like Duality. I’m here to seal a deal, not indulge in whatever hedonistic illusion they’re selling. Until, through all the skin and sex on display, I see her. Helen Blackwood. The girl who once filled my youthful fantasies, whose name is now synonymous with pain. Her father’s lies destroyed my family, leaving me with nothing to lose. And yet I can’t deny my electric response to her touch . . . or my urge to protect her when I see the bruise on her face.

Helen: Growing up, life prepared me for society galas and powerful men, not minimum-wage jobs or drunk exes with anger issues. But I’m a survivor. So here I am, practically naked, serving drinks at a Miami nightclub. I don’t mind the stares. Apparently, Alex Archer does. After twelve years, we aren’t exactly friends, but money is something we both understand. Something he knows I need. I’ll be his personal assistant, even if it means working with the man I hate . . . and the man I still want. 

No cheating. No cliffhangers. And no dress code.

Pulse nightclub books are fun, sexy, and always a good time.  I enjoy the idea that the club, Duality, is not exactly innocent. And I love the different depths that gives the stories.  I loved that Helen was working in the more "adult" portion of the club, albeit not by choice, and the protective instincts that brings up in Alex...even though he doesn't want to be protective of her.

Alex and Helen have a history, and there was an attraction between them when they were younger, so seeing one another again, after years and a lot of ugly history, was a shock to both of them.  And, they both soon realize that things are not exactly as they thought.  Second chance romances have to not only a connection that feels real, but also a reason that they split up, that can be resolved without damage to the couple.  This had this...although a lot of their initial interactions were while they still hated one another.  That added an interesting element.

I loved that this was a grittier story, one that was about 2 people who were not perfect, who didn't always do the right things, and who had a lot of flaws.

I enjoyed this story, and I recommend it.

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