Sunday, May 20, 2018


Some things are meant to be; some aren’t.

I never thought this would be my life.
I never believed I could feel this way.

I don’t know where to go from here.
I never want to be anywhere else.

My whole world has changed.
She is my whole world.

I’m not sure how to be me again.
I’ve never felt more like myself.

I’ve never needed anyone, but I need him.
I love her. I’ll always love her.

But is our love enough? Can Levi and I really survive this?
Together, Ivy and I can survive anything.

I love Max Monroe. I really do. I was waiting for the conclusion of this trilogy to see where these authors would take me and I have to say I enjoyed the journey. Again, this is a departure from Max Monroe's romcom style that I adore, but I still encourage readers to try this style.

This book isn't a standalone. You definitely need to read Stone and Cold before diving in here. I won't spoil those books here by giving you a recap but Fox absolutely wraps this trilogy up well.

I loved our characters here. I loved seeing the development and growth through the series into this book. I feel like Levi made me fall even more in love with him and I adored how he supported Ivy in this book. I will say that there were some predictable moments-but I needed those moments to balance all the other twists and turns from this series.

I love Ma Monroe's writing style. The pacing of the book worked well for me. Fox had me smiling at the end. The series took me on one heck of a ride but I wouldn't change it. I'm glad to see this side of Max Monroe and look forward to what they will come up with next. I absolutely recommend this book.

I loved the first 2 books in the trilogy, they were different, they were darker than I am accustomed to for this author, and I really was drawn into them, the story and the characters.

As such, I struggled a bit with this one. Yes, it was dark. After the cliffhanger on the 2nd one, it is hard to go anywhere but dark for the beginning of this one. But, at least for me, I felt that Levi and Ivy were drug through the plot in this one, whereas in the previous 2, I felt like the focus was on the characters. And, I get it, there were some loose ends to tie up, but once that was done, I really felt like the focus, the thrust of the original 2 books was lost in the shuffle with this one, and that the book was plot focused, and that the characters were left just a little behind.

I did still enjoy it, although some of it was a little predictable, and I do recommend it, but I think I wanted more from this one than I got.

And, I can't really tell you why, as all of the things I wanted developed more through the characters of Ivy and Levi are things i wanted to see resolved from the first 2 books, and in that discussion, we have way too many spoilers for me to really address it here.

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