Saturday, April 21, 2018


Daycare teacher Piper Young has five of the best friends in the world. Even though they did get her to agree to their crazy plan. Each friend is given a dossier outlining an adventure they must go on to get out of their dating ruts.

When Piper finds herself in Brazil and sets eyes on the sexy billionaire her friends have in mind for her–she’s all in. Hell yes, Best Friend of the Year Award goes to…

Except, there’s a glitch. Turns out she’s there to babysit his kid. Who the hell put that in her dossier? The point is to escape her normal life. Yeah, no award now.

But the dark and mysterious widower is so much more than she could ever imagined, and the chemistry between them is off-the-charts. And now he’s using their two weeks to try to convince her to stay.

Entangled Scorched titles are shorter and erotic.  And, this one met both of those requirements.  It wasn't excellent, and it was definitely instalove, but it was enjoyable overall.

Piper is a daycare teacher who thinks she is going on an exotic vacation.  Lucas is a widower with a daughter who stopped speaking after her mother's death.

The sex with Lucas and Piper was hot, it was steamy, and the attraction between them was interesting, and it was intense.  As this was a shorter story, and it is erotic, this was expected and the instant nature of their attraction needed to happen.

While I did enjoy this overall, I thought Lucas trusted Piper with his daughter a little quickly.  Other than that, this book worked for me, and I enjoyed it overall.

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