Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Title: Definite
Series: Soul Serenade #3
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: March 20, 2018


Lauren captivated me with those big brown eyes of hers, and I knew my life would never be the same. What started out as friendship, has turned into so much more.

I was shocked when Tristian asked for my number. There hasn't been a day since that I haven't heard from him. He may be the drummer, but that deep sexy voice, it turns me inside out.

I assumed it would be one and done, but that's not how our story ends.

I worry it's not what he wants. He tells me he's Definite.

I enjoyed this title. I liked the characters, and I liked the overall story. I liked that they were together for most of the story, that the setup and the beginning of the relationship happened fairly quickly.

However, there was one part in the plot that I just could not get past. It's hard to detail it without spoilers...but, let me say, at least for me, there is a different in keeping a secret and lying. And, I thought Lauren crossed that, and I had a tough time moving to the other side of this.

The rest of the story, after this event, was actually focused around the lie she told, and the resolution of this lie and the subsequent events around the revelation of her secret. So, while I did enjoy it overall, I was stuck on that. And, I can't lie, it colored my impression of the rest of the story, and it made it difficult for me to relate to Lauren for the rest of the story.

I do recommend this title, especially as the issue I had with it was very likely something that will not bother someone else.

I am looking forward to the next title in the series.

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Author Bio

Kaylee Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. When she’s not spinning tales of happily ever after, she’s reading or spending time with family. Born and raised an Ohio girl, Kaylee resides in Cincinnati with her husband and their son.

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