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Wildcat: a football formation in which the ball is snapped, not to the quarterback, but to another player lined up in the quarterback position.

Wild, Cat: a beautiful woman from the sky, who hooked me against the rails, and has me on the ropes. Sweet like honey, with a hint of sass burning behind her pretty brown eyes, she took over my heart without warning.

I’m Quinn Bailey, quarterback for the New York Mavericks.

Sports analysts predicted I’d break records and take my team all the way.

But no one predicted this.

And just like the other team, I never saw it coming.


Things this book is:

· Romantic Comedy

· #1 in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series

· Can be read as a complete standalone.

Things it isn’t:

· Paranormal: The only thing magical is inside Quinn Bailey’s pants.

· Boring: Pssh, please. Max Monroe doesn’t do boring.

· Short: Prior to reading, prepare yourself for one huge, long, thick…book.

Unfortunately, you many not MARRY this book without proper consent from the authors. 

Though the idea of a spouse who does nothing but provide you endless laughs for hours at a time, turn you on, make your heart swell, and require nothing but your undivided attention for several hours in return sounds nearly orgasmic, there are laws. And the Fictional Municipality only allows twenty book wives at a time. 

Due to high demand for a significant other that encourages you to leave the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the washer, and the vacuum in the closet unattended, we've implemented a shift schedule of marital proprietorship. You will be rotated accordingly.

I love Max Monroe-truly, I love them. When I saw that they were starting a new series, a football one no less, I couldn't wait to dive in and get started. Wildcat was a hot, fun, sexy with a side of serious book and I truly enjoyed it.

I knew I was going to love Quinn. As a fan, I know him a tiny bit from The Bad Boys Billionaire Series BUT if you haven't read those books that's ok! This is a standalone. I thought he was fun, sexy and flirty. He just made me smile right from the start. He's kind and down to earth, which is at odds with his profession to most. It'd be easy for him to be a Playa, and he's just not that guy. I absolutely fell for him.

I liked Cat a lot as well. I thought she was sassy and smart. I liked getting the glimpse into her career; I thought that presented a unique challenge to this romance. I liked her attitude and I liked her friends as well. I will say I wanted to know a tiny bit more of her, but that's just me.

I loved the chemistry between these two. They just clicked and you could feel it. I loved their journey. The sexy times were sexy, and the serious times between them-the ones I didn't exactly see coming-were well done too. I believed in this couple.

The supporting characters had me smiling. It was a mostly fun read and one I read through quickly. I love Max Monroe's writing style and it shone in this book. I'm really looking forward to the next in the series! I absolutely recommend this book!

This is my 2nd title by Max Monroe. I was not able to connect with the first title I tried, but I always try to give an author more than one chance before I decide they are one that just doesn't connect with me.

Why am I telling you this at the beginning of a positive review; you ask? Well, because the reasons that I didn't like the last one were not present in this. There's a certain type of humor that I have come to expect from this author duo, based on the things I have seen and their online presence. And while there were some pretty funny one-liners, there was also substance to this title. So, if you are, like me, someone who maybe hasn't connected with this author in the past, I say that this might just be the book you should try again with.

I liked Quinn and I liked Cat. It took a little while for the book to get going for me, and there was some banter at the beginning of the story that I thought possibly went on a little longer than I would have liked, it worked overall as you got to know the characters as they got to know one another.

For the most part, I enjoyed the plot and the supporting characters. There was a part that I felt was a little predictable, but as it is also (unfortunately) still a reality in a lot of this country, I can't fault them for including it as part of the story.

The pacing, for me, was a little unbalanced with it being a little slower at the beginning than it was at the end. I would have liked a little more time with them as a couple, and that development. But, overall I was able to enjoy the story without feeling too thrown by the pacing.

The writing was seamless and I was not really able to tell a difference when one author was writing over the other, which is always a bonus with a co-written title.

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect, but what I got was a story I enjoyed with characters I was able to relate to and found interesting.

I recommend this title and I am looking forward to others in the series.

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