Tuesday, December 19, 2017


A woman searching for the truth…

Kidnapped and thrown in an underground prison, journalist Tess Newell thinks she’s a goner. Stopping the terrorists holding her hostage seems impossible—until the arrival of a mysterious prisoner whose smile masks an edge more lethal than their captors.

A soldier with the darkest of secrets…

A French Foreign Legionnaire bound to a brotherhood that is both his blessing and curse, Flynn launches a daring escape—but honor won’t allow him to abandon the brazen, alluring reporter whose prying questions could bring down his world. The only thing more dangerous than the enemy close on their tail is the searing passion threatening to detonate between them…

Tess and Flynn worked as a couple in the suspense portion of the book, the kidnapping, escaping, running and then trying to get the information to stop the terrorists...all of this was compelling and interesting.

But, I felt that there was not enough of them as a couple when no one was shooting at them.  Their first encounter is in the midst of fighting, and running, from their kidnappers and you expect this from a romantic suspense...but there also need to be interludes where the couple is together in a way that makes you think they will be able to stay together when the bullets stop flying.  This was, I thought, a little light.

Not enough to make me not able to enjoy the book, but light enough that I was left wanting a little more than I got from their relationship.  Now, what I got was hot and interesting.  I believed their romantic and personal attraction to one another and I thought his backstory was interesting.

Overall, the book was constructed well and was paced well.  The light in the "real world without bullets" romance did make this more of a "happily for now" ending for me, but as this is the 2nd book in the series, I am guessing there will be others and you will get the chance to see Tess and Flynn as a couple, at least mentioned in passing.

This was my first title by this author and I enjoyed it enough to be looking forward to her next title!

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