Thursday, August 3, 2017


She’s the closest thing I ever had to a sister

Our parents are best friends and neighbors.
We were raised together.

But one look at her naked body in the window and I’m hard.

How did I never notice her this way before?

Too bad she’s forbidden fruit.

She doesn’t deserve to be in my trail of one and done women.

Plus it would ruin 25 years of friendship between our parents.

But my body craves her.

The longer she stands in the window, the less I’m able to resist.

Screw it.

Before I leave, I’ll give her a few good nights to she’ll never forget.

I have read most of Simone Sowood's books, and I usually enjoy them a lot.  So, this one was a bit of a surprise to me, that it really didn't work all that well.

Strangely, it wasn't the main characters that I was not able to connect with, rather the secondary ones.  I found the parents, and some of the things they said to Zane and Harper about the budding relationship to not only be a little off, but something you would not actually see happening.  Do I see the concern?  Maybe.  Is it the reason for the entire conflict of the book?  No.  No it was not.

Yes, there were other plot lines, and other things that possibly could be considered to be the conflict, but the main one really seemed to be that if Harper and Zane date, it might upset their parents and make it difficult for their parents to stay friends.  They are life long, 25 year friends...if that does it, there is more wrong with the relationship than their kids hooking up.

The writing was not as strong in this one as well, and it is the first that the author has co-written, so I am not sure if that was part of the issue, or if I really was so annoyed by the behavior of the "adults" in the story that I was annoyed by all of the little things too.

While I am able to recommend the author's other books, this is not one I am able to say that about.

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