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Title: Unconventional
Author: Isabel Love
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2017


Happily ever after—what a joke! I tried that once and ended up divorced.
Now, I only want one thing from men.
Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing. Really, really good.

So good, in fact, I discovered a new side of myself.
I never knew I liked to watch until I saw his talented hands touching someone else.
I never knew I liked to be watched until I felt his searing gaze on me.

Maybe happily ever after isn’t always a white picket fence, wedding bells, and 2.5 kids.
Maybe it’s something a bit more…unconventional.

*Warning: Contains dirty talk, piercings and hot threesomes.
Intended for readers over 18 years of age.


Unconventional is author Isabel Love's second book and man does it pack a punch. This hot, sexy, steamy, and REAL. Trust me on that. This book had me panting, laughing, swooning and even crying. Isabel Love put me through the wringer with this one and I love her for it.

Ok, as I've mentioned this book is sexy. Like your kindle will melt within the first chapter sexy. Keep a backup on hand because you're going to need to see what happens to Charlie and Quinn-trust me.

I related to Quinn more than I wanted to...I'll admit it. She'd had some similar life experiences that I've had and while I may not have chosen to act the way she did I completely respected and applauded her choices. She's a tough woman who was confident in what she wanted (or what she thought she wanted) and she went after it. She's got this soft center though that she hides, and the more you see of it the more you want to hug her. 

Charlie? Sex on a stick...that's one way to describe him. My god, the mouth on that man should come with a warning label but I loved it. Charlie also has something in his past that he's not ready to come to terms with. I won't lie, I absolutely cried when I realized what happened to him (I certainly won't mention here because hello, spoiler). But you can't help but fall in lust and love with Charlie. I just dare you to try.

You believe the connection between these two characters. Their chemistry is simply off the charts. There's no two ways about it. I advise you to keep a fan close by while you're reading this book-you're going to need it.

But bedroom antics aside, what Charlie and Quinn have to decide what exactly they're going to do with each other. They both have these secrets from their past, these stories that they have to decide whether or not to share. Seeing them develop WITH and through each other was simply beautiful.

Unconventional explores some intense, but fun, themes. This is definitely an 18+ book, and there are a couple things I could see as possible triggers, but nothing major. This story is hot, sexy and at its very core real. I loved this book and can't wait to see what the author comes up with next.

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What an odd date this is—he’s taking me out to watch another man give me orgasms.
A giggle erupts from my throat at the thought.
“What’s so funny?” He grins over at me as he starts up the car and pulls out into the street.
“Just…this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I never thought I was this kind of woman.”
He narrows his eyes at me. “What kind of woman?”
“The…you know…threesome kind, or whatever this is.” I wave my hand in front of me.
“The kind of woman that likes to explore her sexuality? The kind of woman that likes to try new things? The kind of woman that doesn’t let society dictate the way she leads her life?”
Hmm. I don’t mind being that kind of woman. I feel his stare at the stoplight.
My mirth dies and my smile fades at his serious tone. I meet his blue eyes and raise my eyebrows in question.
“You listen to me: I think you’re fucking amazing—strong, beautiful, talented, sexy as fuck. If doing this is going to change your opinion of yourself, let’s not.”
My chest squeezes at his sincerity and I feel so much better about tonight. I mean, I am excited, but I must admit I was afraid of the judgement factor, of what he’ll think of me after tonight. Now he’s worried about what I’ll think of myself, and that alone makes me square my shoulders, raise my chin, and reassure him.
“I want this, Charlie, really want it. I promise I won’t regret it later.”
He leans forward, smiling, and places a soft kiss on my lips. “That’s more like it.”

Author Bio

Isabel Love is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading about two people falling in love, overcoming whatever obstacles they may face, and finding their happily ever after. A husband, two kids, and a full-time job keep her busy by day, but by night, she can be found with her Kindle in hand, reading “just one more chapter”.

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