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ALL I NEED by Callie Harper is available now! This hot contemporary romance is part of the All In series and can be read a standalone. Be sure to grab your copy today!


“It’s just a job, how hard can it be?” I was hired by his father to become his live-in caregiver. It sounded like an easy job. But the day I arrived at his broken-down Scottish castle I started to realize it might not be as easy as I thought. I was not told that I’d be looking after a dark, brooding, rich man mired in a world of pain. I was not told that this man would push all my buttons and test even my strongest limits. I was not told that he was devastatingly gorgeous with a wickedly, sinful mouth. I was definitely not told that what I’d end up feeling and what he would propose would drive me wild. But I’m Annie and this is my new job. And damn it, I’m not going to let anything, even him, that gorgeous, sinful, delicious man, stand in my way. You believe me? Don’t you?  


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This was my first book by Callie Harper, and I enjoyed it. I liked the writing style and I thought the characters were well developed. I liked the pacing through the book, and there is a time jump (which is not a spoiler as it is listed in the chapter headings) that I thought was important, as I was not sure how Ian and Annie were going to move on from where they were when they met.

Ian was in tough shape. Alone, brooding, addicted to alcohol and pain pills, partially handicapped from an accident, and about to lose his entire inheritance. So, possibly not your normal, average, romantic hero. But, just like Annie...who is hired by his father as his caretaker without Ian's knowledge...Ian grows on you. You start to feel for him, and you start to understand why he feels trapped by things that happened to him as a child, and by the reaction of the people around him to those things.

Annie brings life to a crumbling castle....literally, they are in a crumbling castle in Scotland, and by doing so, brings life to Ian. She pushes him to want more, to remember that there is more, that he needs to work, to reach out, to see if he can move past where he is now.

I thought it was obvious, based on the number of times it was mentioned, the direction the story was going to take. It is not possible to discuss without spoilers, but suffice to say there are some major changes in the year time jump.

That said, I thought the pacing was off. I thought too much time was spend on the part that took place in the castle and not enough in the parts after. The relationship foundation, the attraction and the chemistry are developed well in the first part, but the real possibility of them having more isn't really there until the second part, and the story doesn't get there quickly enough, so the ending feels a little rushed.

I did enjoy this overall, but I wanted more of the second, after the time jump, part of the book.

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About Callie Harper Callie Harper writes hot, fun page-turning romances. She is powered by coffee, wickedly sexy bad boys, and all things funny, intentional or otherwise. Born on the East Coast where she learned the joys of fast-paced sarcastic banter, she and her family are now kickin’ it in the West Coast sunshine. On any given day there’s a good chance you’ll find Callie outdoors enjoying the gorgeous Bay Area, but if she’s indoors, she’ll likely be reading, writing or eating, preferably all at once.

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