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When the fierce redhead with the beautiful ass walks into the local bar, I can tell she’s passing through. And I’m looking for distraction while I’m in town—a hot hook-up and nothing more before I head back to the city.

If she has secrets, I don't want to know them.

If she feels good underneath me, I don't want to think about it too hard.

If she's my future, I don't want to see it.

I’m Blake McKenna and I’m about to teach this Boston socialite how to forget every man who came before me.


When the future I had always imagined crumbles before my very eyes. I grab my two best friends and take a much needed vacation to the country.

My plan of swearing off men gets railroaded when on my first night of my vacation, I meet the hottest guy on the planet. I decide he could be the distraction I might just need.

I’m certainly not going to reveal my deepest secrets to him as we steal away each night hoping no one will notice.

And the last thing I’m going to do is fall in love for the first time in my life.

My name is Mackenzie Locke and I haven’t got a handle on men. Not even a little bit. Not until Blake.

Note: Previously titled Love Rehab. A sexy standalone contemporary romance.

This book reminded me why I love Louise Bay.

It had everything. Blake and Mackenzie were wonderful, relateable and acted as people would in this least how I think they would having never been to a wilderness love retreat.

But, that is what matters...that as a reader, I am invested in the story and intereste4d in the characters and where they are going. I definitely was with this.

I sympathized with the choice Blake needed to make, as there was a lot of emotional baggage and I think it was handled well, and in a way that someone reading it would understand the difficulty of the decision he let go of the comfortable and familiar and to take a chance on something that had stung him in the past.

I loved that Mackenzie was facing the same kind of dilemma, but with a different focus...hers was more internal but she also had to look at herself, what was comfortable, and learn to be a different person so she could move forward.

I really liked this, the idea that both Blake and Mackenzie were facing the same decision, albeit one physical and one emotional. I loved the tie it gave them to one another, and I loved that this connection made their instant connection very understandable.

Honestly, I could say more, but at some point it just becomes impossible to avoid spoilers, so I am going to leave this here, with the highest possible recommendation.

If you have never read Louise bay before, starting here is a great place to begin. If you have, reading this will not disappoint.

I highly recommend this book.

I stumbled across Louise Bay’s work this year and I am so glad I did! This book is just another example of why she’s such a great author.

When I read the blurb for this book I was immediately hooked. As someone who collects book boyfriends I felt I just might be able to relate to our self-described loveaholic Mackenzie-and in a sense I did. I loved going on this journey of self-discovery with her. Her two friends added to the story without taking away the focus from Mackenzie, and I appreciated that. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting their stories someday-hint, hint Louise!

Blake…oh Blake. I love how he was on a similar, yet different journey from Mackenzie. I think everyone can relate to the fear he’s facing in his life at this moment and watching him resolve that was very satisfying to me. 

The writing here makes you feel like you’re really right there with the characters. The pacing here totally worked-it was slower to me than some books but I personally needed it at that pace in order for the story to work. Once I started this book I didn’t want to stop reading. I loved it and would absolutely recommend it!

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