Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It's here!  Dr. OB from Max Monroe is finally here!


It’s just a docuseries about your career as an OB/GYN, they said.

It won’t interrupt your life during or after filming
, they said.

It is a great opportunity for the hospital and your practice, they said.

Well, they—the television executives who seem intent on ruining my career and personal life with a fair number of creative liberties—lied.

Now I’m stuck dealing with the consequences of believing them.

Instead of being known as Dr. Will Cummings, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m now being called Dr. Obscene.

What I’d hoped to earn in respect, I’ve instead received in patients flashing me seductive smiles and flirtatious winks during their exams.

How’s a guy supposed to convince the most perfect woman he’s ever met that he’s not as much of an idiot in real life as he appears to be on camera?

With all of the show’s shenanigans following me around like a parasite, it’s going to take a lot to persuade Melody Marco to be anything more than my new nurse, but I can’t get her out of my head.

I want her.

Good thing I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge…

Get ready, Melody.
The Doctor is in.

I'm a Max Monroe addict. There's simply no other way to describe it. I fell in love with their work in Tapping the Billionaire and I haven't looked back. When I saw they were releasing a story about Will Cummings I cheered and immediately started counting down the days until I could read it. Max Monroe had me laughing, swooning and falling in love all over again as I read Will and Melody's story.

Will. Holy hot Will. He's awkward yet sexy, sweet and adorable. I cringed for him with what he went through with the TV show-even when it made me laugh. Watching him fumble through a relationship was endearing. I'll take a bouquet from Will any day of the week-you'll understand why when you read, trust me!

Melody was just as fun. I enjoy the fact that Max Monroe make their heroines just as smart and funny as their heroes. Melody gives as good as she gets with Will and I love that. She's someone I would want to be friends with in a heartbeat. I loved how passionate she was about her work as well-and I loved her career path.

I rooted for these two throughout the entire book. There were laughs, there were sexy times but I genuinely liked these two and wanted them to be together. I love how even the secondary characters-who if you've met them can be overwhelming-didn't take over this story. It stayed Will and Mel's story.

Speaking of the secondary characters for a moment though, I was THRILLED to get to see little sneak peeks of them again. I would happily live inside this Max Monroe universe if I could and just hang out with these people.

This was a fast read for me because I didn't want to put it down. I loved every minute of the journey of this book. I laughed, I had some tears and I definitely swooned. I would recommend this book!

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