Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The author of "Bring the Heat "returns to Sugarland, where a firefighter from Station Five will face the dangers in risking his heart... 

A near-fatal accident left firefighter/paramedic Clay Montana with devastating injuries. Now, after a year-long recovery, Clay is focused on one thing: getting his body back to form, so he can return to the job he loves. And then a chance meeting with a fiery redhead changes his life... 

Detective Melissa Ryan may be the new cop on the block, but she s no stranger to Sugarland. It s where she lived with her violent, criminal uncle a man she needs to see behind bars. But when she meets Clay at a crime scene, the down-but-far-from-out firefighter makes her rethink her priorities. 

Getting close to Clay is intoxicating, but Melissa must keep her wits about her if she s to protect them from a man with deadly intentions.

I enjoyed a lot about this story.  I particularly liked that when we initially meet Clay (aside from the prologue), he is not at his best physically, but is recovering from an injury that was sustained on the job.  This is an interesting twist to a firefighter story, as usually they are the macho heroes with no weakness.  I liked the difference.

I liked that Melissa was a police officer.  That they were on equal footing when it came to being in public service, but that she was recognized as being capable of doing her job.  There was some mention of the idea of women in traditionally male roles, but it was definitely not the focus, which I also liked.

The evolution of the relationship between Clay and Melissa felt authentic and I believed it.  I thought they acted as people who were in a relationship that is just beginning, and who are a little reluctant to get involved due to where they each are in their lives and the things they are facing.

I liked going along for the ride, so to speak, with Clay as he worked to get his position back with his team (no spoilers on how that goes) and I thought the resolution was handled fairly well.

I thought there was, at least in my opinion, a little too much time and focus on the secondary characters and while it did enhance the story, I also thought it pulled away, a little, from the central narrative.  But not enough for me to say I didn't like the story.  I did.

I recommend this book.

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