Monday, March 6, 2017


Author: Melissa Townsend
Title: Change Me
Series: Protector #2
Release Date: Feb 7, 2017
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Macie Smith was eager to leave her hometown of Puyallup, Washington, after graduating high school. She knew there was no way around being a Protector like her brother, and she was okay with that. Macie knew in her heart that her purpose was to protect others; however, she refused to follow in her brother’s footsteps forever. She moved to Florida in hopes of finding herself. In the process, she found Jasper White.

Jasper was the polar opposite of the Protectors. Rather than feeling the pain of others like Macie and her brother, he was usually the one to cause it: Jasper was a Raider. He'd spent the last three years being a real-life bad boy. When he first laid eyes on Macie, he instantly knew he wanted her…until he found out she was a Protector. He had already had a few run ins with other Protectors, and to say they were enemies would be putting it lightly. He knew he didn't stand a chance with Macie, but he couldn't stay away. He would have to change his Raider ways in order to make her his.


The smile he had been wearing had disappeared and the indifferent look in his eyes had been replaced with… was that desire? I felt my stomach flop when he took a step toward me. I inhaled a deep breath when he took another step. His face was inches from mine and I wanted to be unaffected. Or at least make him think I was unaffected by him. He reached out and ran his fingers down the length of my arm. Chill bumps followed behind his touch and I cursed my body for being such a trader. He slowly started to lean closer to me, his head was lowering and his gaze was fixed on my lips. I licked them involuntarily and slowly raised onto my tip toes. His lips touched mine and my entire body started to tingle.

From a rural community in southern Oklahoma, Melissa Townsend is a married dental assistant with one child; and on the surface, the picture of today’s ordinary working wife and mother from Smalltown, U.S.A.

As a busy mom, she initially found her escape in reading. It is just in the past few years that she’s found her passion and enjoyment of telling her own stories. Having never travelled or experienced much beyond the realm of country-living, Melissa finds herself taking journeys through an array of genres and different writing styles. Don’t let her quiet, small town, ordinary demeanor mislead you. Sit with her for very long and you will quickly discover her wit, dry sense of humor, and unique perception of the world around her. It’s these characteristics spieled out into her stories that define her writing style and will keep you wanting more.

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