Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Fake Girlfriend, Real Arousal

A woman I’ve never seen before just told her father I’m her boyfriend.
I walked into the restaurant to grab dinner between important meetings and there she was, red cheeked and fury in her electric blue eyes.
I figure I’ll help her out with whatever she has going on with her father, so I kiss her.
If she wants to be what’s on my menu, that’s fine by me.
As she melts into my arms, the taste of her lips and the fire in her eyes hits me in the gut.
She’s mine.
This might be a game to her, but I’m playing for real. And trust me when I say I never lose.
I’m going to use my vast wealth and power to get her exactly where I want her.
Who knows, I might even tell her who I really am.

I am not sure what I thought this was going to be about, but it definitely went a different way than I expected...unfortunately, I didn't totally believe the storyline and I thought it was a little contrived in places.  

And, it is difficult to say why without giving away the plot of the story, which is not something I want to do here.

So, what I am going to say is that Ms. Sowood has become an author I look forward to reading.  I am not actually sure how I ended up on her ARC team (I think there was a Tweet?) but I can say I have never considered leaving.

Even though this wasn't the perfect read for me, I still enjoyed it overall.  I do recommend it, and if she is a new author to you, there is no reason you can't start with this book.

I am guessing most will like this more than I did (which happens to me all the time) and, like I mentioned, I am looking forward to the next one.

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